Promotion of Human rights, women rights and GBV prevention and response as well as access to justice

  1. Strengthening the formal Justice system

    The project was implemented in Qala e Now City, Badghis province. The project aimed to strengthening the formal justice system in the remote province of Afghanistan Badghis. The project was supported by CRDSA. The project beneficiary was 4 women and 16 men which received the training and material related in practical manner. The project was designed for four months, started on 15 Feb 2013 and ended on 15 June 2013. The funding budget for this project was 9990 USD.

  2. Legal and Rights awareness for six months for 60 teachers

    The project was implemented Qala e Now city, Badghis province. The project aims were to raise the awareness of 60 school teachers of Qala-e-Naw city on women’s rights and elimination of gender-based violence and to enhance the responsiveness of government departments on women legal rights. The project was supported by US embassy. The project started on 9 Jan 2012 and ended on 28 Feb 2013. The funding budget for this project was 8112 USD.

  3. Enhancing Conflict Resolution Capacity of Muqur DDA

    The project implemented in Muqur district of Badghis province. The project was supported by International Organization for Migration (IOM). The project was aimed to educate the DDA 21 representatives and 9 local government authorities of Muqur to realize the linkage and interaction between conflict resolution with peace building, democratization, stability and provide the opportunity for DDA representative to play their roles to solve the conflicts in an accurate and effective manner during 6 days of training. The project started on 15 Feb 2015 and ended on 15 March 2015. The funding budget for this project was 8165 USD.